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sun Grown flower infused cannabis cream

Topicanna uses organic strains of cannabis grown on our solar-powered farm near Cayucos, CA. Our plants are selected for their unique profiles of beneficial cannabinoids & terpenes. The flowers are cultivated and crafted into a full line of CBD and THC infused Topical Cannabis Cream.

soil to bottle

Flowers harvested at the peak of potency are then carefully handled to preserve all the acid rich cannabinoids (THCa, CBDa). Infused in organic olive oil then blended with aloe vera juice, plant oils, waxes and other beneficial herbs, this rich cream has been formulated for maximum inflammation and pain relief.

Organic Choice


Targeted Topical Endocannabinoid Therapy

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Sun Grown

with love

Organically Grown Outdoors
on California's
Beautiful Central Coast

More About Our Farm

Our Craft is Who We Are

We strive for

Only the Highest Standards. No Pesticides Ever.
Low Temp Infusion.

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Topicanna & Your Body

Introducing our new line of CBD & THC Topical Cannabis Cream


THC(a) or CBD(a) rich ratios for targeted endocannabinoid therapy.


Synergy of botanical elements elevates cannabis to all it’s potential topical glory.

Golden cream blends sun grown cannabis, arnica, turmeric and calendula for a synergistic formula targeting muscle and joint inflammation and pain. Active plant extracts in organic olive oil, blended with aloe vera juice, plant oils and waxes. Arnica stimulates blood flow, turmeric reduces perception of pain. Cannabis and calendula are soothing and anti-inflammatory and nourish the skin.

Bare Naked

Bare naked cannabis
in all it’s dank glory.

Emerald cream formulated without added herbs or essential oils for the most sensitive patients, beneficial for pain, inflammation and skin irritations. Active plant extracts of cannabis in organic olive oil blended with aloe vera, plant oil and waxes to create a soothing anti inflammatory cream.



About Us

Our Craft is Who We Are


Founder & Formulator

Meet Deborah

About Us

Our Craft is Who We Are

Bruce Wright

Farmer & Surfer

A passionate surfer, the culmination of his career, education and passion come together to farm for Topicanna. With the B.S. and M.S. in agriculture from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

About Us

Our Craft is Who We Are


Hard working folks who earn product or services in exchange for their help.

From soil building in the garden, to applying product labels, and delivering samples to dispensaries when traveling; these people make it possible for us to do what we do.

About Us

Our Craft is Who We Are

Family of Farms

Fellow Santa Lucia Mountain folk who share values, goals, genetics and farming techniques growing cannabis in harmony with their environment.


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San Jose

Buddy's Cannabis

1075 N 10th St.
(408) 298-8837


Magnolia Wellnes

161 Adeline St.
(510) 628-2113

Telegraph Health Center

3003 Telegraph Ave. Oakland, CA 94609
(510) 808-5121

Richmond / Point Isabel

7 Stars Holistic Health Center

3288 Pearce St. Suite M 108 Richmond, Ca 94804. Inside Pacific East Mall, 2nd floor
(510) 527-7827


Cannabis Wellness Center

2021 Palmetto Ave.
(650) 735-5051

Santa Rosa

Redwood Herbal Alliance

5270 Aero Dr. Santa Rosa, Ca 94503
(707) 528-3632

Sonoma Patient Group

2425 Cleveland Ave. #175 Santa Rosa, Ca 94503
(707) 526-2800


Highway 29 Health Care

3737 Sonoma Blvd. Vallejo, CA 94589
(707) 645-8303

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Serving San Luis Obispo County


(925) 708-9800 (Serving Contra Costa County)
(707) 980-1441 (Serving Solano County)

Hwy 1 Organics Delevery

Serving the Central Coast
(805) 775-5515

Megan's Organic Market

(Bare Naked CBD(a) only)
Serving San Luis Obispo County
(805) 235-6678

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